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St. Anthony Park Concerts 2010-11

  • Welcome Every Guest   --  Grade 5-6 Spring Concert. Opening four-part round

    My Prayer For You   --  Grade 5-6 Spring Concert. Here is a piece shared with me by a Hmong music teacher in Wausau, WI. It was roughly based on a Hmong folk song and written as a response to 9/11 within a church.

    ¿Después De Ti, Que?   --  Grade 5-6 Spring Concert. Beautiful Mexican pop song sung by Christian Castro in the 1990s.

    Jamaican Farewell   --  Grade 5-6 Spring Concert. The students' favorite piece, saved for the end :) I let them choose their part to sing (high or low) and so they were all mixed up when singing harmony.

    St. Anthony Park School Song   --  Grade 5-6 Spring Concert. Student body sings school spirit song I wrote a few years ago.

    Star-Spangled Banner   --  Memorial Day Program. Sung by student body and audience.

    America, the Beautiful   --  Memorial Day Program (Grades 1-2).

    Song For America   --  Memorial Day Program (Grades 1-2). Here's the song I composed a couple months ago, featuring fifth grade duet groups.

    Grand Old Flag   --  Memorial Day Concert. (Grades 1-2; With audience on repeat)

    Lift Ev'ry Voice   --  Martin Luther King, Jr. Program. Opening piece. Sung by student body and concert attendees.

    Over My Head / Woke Up This Morning   --  Martin Luther King, Jr. Program (Grades 3-4). Arranged this song this year. I have never done 3 part harmony with fourth graders before, especially in a small group.

    Song of Peace   --  Martin Luther King, Jr. Program (Grades 3-4). We had to work HARD on holding out notes w/out a conductor. Lot's of counting beats inside their heads during long pitches...

    We Shall Overcome   --  Martin Luther King, Jr. Program. Final song of the program. Sung by entire student body and concert attendees.

    Yesterday   --  Fourth graders performed this for their end of year program.

    Seasons of Love   --  Sixth Grade Graduation piece.

    Man in the Mirror   --  Grade 6 picked this piece for their graduation.

    Compositions Olmsted (Grade 5)   --  TASK: Student self-selected groups (minimum 3 students; maximum 6 students). Each student created an ostinato (repeating pattern). Next, one student was assigned to create an improvisation while the other students played their ostinati. The improviser created something that was completely different so it could be easily picked out by the listening students.

    Compositions Polfliet (Grade 5)   --  TASK: (See description for Compositions Olmsted)

    Compositions Fredrickson (Grade 6)   --  TASK: (See description for Compositions Olmsted)

    Compositions Funk (Grade 6)   --  TASK: (See description for Compositions Olmsted)

    Compositions Roe (Grade 6)   --  TASK: (See description for Compositions Olmsted)