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Jump Rope Skills

Short ropes!  We will learn beginner, intermediate and advanced jump rope jumps and tricks!  We will also use the short ropes to jump partner jumps.  All together we will jump with the short ropes in about 35 different ways.

Long Ropes!  We will learn to jump regular jumps in a long rope.  We will also learn to jump in and out of a moving rope!  Then we will sing rhymes and play long rope games like hot pepper and school.  Learning to twirl the double dutch ropes will come next and possibly even jump into the double dutch ropes. 

Chinese Jump Ropes!  Students will memorize a short routine to jump with the chinese jump ropes.  After learning the routine we will learn the many different positions in which the rope can be held while jumping.  The last day we will play "diamonds".  This is the hardest chinese jump rope game we will play.


Jumping Rope Improves Cardiovascular System and Bone Mass

Jumping rope elevates kids' heart rates, which in turn strengthens their heart muscle and improves the efficiency of their circulatory system. Their hearts are able to pump a greater volume of blood with each pump and their bodies becomes better at transporting oxygen and nutrients through their blood. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, kids who jump rope 15 minutes per day see bone mass development at the hip and lower back --- areas that tend to weaken with age.

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